about NYLON

NYLON, the compound word of New York and London, has launched in 2008, after launching in New York in 1999, as a licensed magazine published in nine countries such as Japan, Korea, Thailand, Indonesia, Mexico, Singapore, US, Germany. (Germany and China launched in the latter half year of 2017) Currently, Nylon Korea seeks the trendy communication with readers by combining papers and the digital media through the channelization of Nylon TV.

NYLON digital

NYLON Korea operates the contents platform such as homepage, KaKao Story, Naver TV Cast, Never Magazine Cast as well as processes digital activities utilizing Live functions among Instagram and Facebook, the most famous SNS channel in 2017. Especially, Nylon TV, starting in 2010, recorded approximately 36000 subscribers and hit 6million times of media offering relevant contents through SNS and monthly table like TV broadcast company. Also, it delivers the new type of video contents participating in the production from influencers and creators through the extensive reorganization in March 2017.

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정기 구독 신청 및 문의: 02-2233-5030(평일 오전 10시~오후 6시)
대금 납입 방법 계좌 이체: 우리은행 1005-402-315050/신용카드: 모든 카드 가능
*정기 구독 회원에게는 구독 기간 중 책값이 오르더라도 인상분을 적용하지 않으며 국내 우송료는 본사에서 부담합니다.